Boston MA

Subway All Day

We know everyone is sick of subway tile, but we think it’s a classic. And when the homeowner is a walking, talking graffiti encyclopedia, a subway-inspired kitchen is just what you do. First, we needed to make the carpeted (yes, carpeted) space more functional. We removed a wall dividing the kitchen and dining room and moved the back door to create a rear entryway and more functional cooking space. Then, it was all about FLAVOR BABY- the cooking kind (more salt please) and the style kind (gimme more mural). We mixed an old tabletop made by the homeowner’s grandfather with orange table legs from IKEA, re-baked some basement chairs with new upholstery, tossed in lots of great art and VOILA! Now the homeowners hold dinner AND dance parties in their kitchen, because why go out when your house is this FLAVORFUL?
This Project Includes
kitchen Reno
Contractor Partnerships
Art & Accessory Selection
Vintage/Antique Sourcing
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