Cool sh*t

A rotating collection of people, places and things that inspire us. Some related to design, some not. But they all have one thing in common… They’re cool sh *t.

Cool Folks

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Marianne Andres

Credit: Marianne Andres

The woman can do anything. Period.

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Adam J. O'Day

Credit: Adam O’Day

Never have I ever wanted a painting of a sink so much in my life.

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Steve Lurkel

Credit: @stevelurkel

It’s hard not to smile when you catch one of his playfulcharacters out in the wild. Also, buy one for your walls…I did.

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All Things Design

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40 South

40 South Street

The number of vintage purses I have purchased from this place…

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Alessandro Viero

The Miami swag collection of my dreams.

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Beam Brooklyn

Credit: Beambk

Modern furniture, lighting and décor at a range of price points. My retail go to for something different and affordable.

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The Introvert Entrepreneur

the introvert entrepreneur

A good, quick read for all my fellow introvert hustlers out there. Turns out you don’t have to be extroverted to own a business… but man, wouldn’t it be helpful sometimes?

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Code Switch


If you’re like me, podcasts dominate your car rides.‍

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Rozi Community Fridge

Roslin Dale

An easily accessible pantry providing food for those in need, in my local neighborhood. Follow the link to donate to the Roslindale Community Fridge, or to learn how you can create one in your own community.

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